Smoke in style

Show off your unique style with one of our beautiful hand pipes or water pipes. Black Castle Glass & Vape has a wide range of glassware for sale at our Maumee and Toledo, OH stores. You'll like our different styles and price points.

To find out what we currently have in stock, swing by one of our four convenient locations or call us.

Enjoy a better smoking experience

Do you enjoy unwinding with a pipe after a long day? Black Castle Glass & Vape has an impressive selection of glassware for sale to suit your recreational smoking style. Many of our customers prefer water pipes over dry pipes because they:

  • Make smoke cooler
  • Provide natural filtration
  • Come in many shapes and sizes
  • Filter out a large number of carcinogens
  • Offer a more effective smoking experience

Water pipes also provide better dose control and less mess over other pipe options. Visit our store in Maumee or Toledo, OH today to browser our glassware for sale.